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Traction Motor Working Principle Pdf Free
Traction Motor Working Principle Pdf Free


Traction Motor Working Principle Pdf Free -





















































For illustrative purposes the track can be likened to a ladder formed by the unrolled squirrel cage rotor of the induction motor. Despite the elegance of the linear motor, linear motion is more often provided by the less expensive and more mundane method of using a rotary stepping motor driving a lead screw. Possible applications are moveable mirrors for optical switches or paddles for moving fluids. Because of the many commutator segments and the low current capability of the windings, the PCB motor is only suitable for low power applications and is not suitable for continuous operation. As the DC motor starts to turn, interaction of the magnetic fields inside causes it to generate a voltage internally. Inside Out Motor These are permanent magnet motors with the moving magnets arranged around the periphery of a multi pole fixed stator carrying the field windings. Printed Circuit (PCB) or "Pancake" Motor.


"Section 13: Traction Control". In the USSR per GOST 2582-72 with class N insulation, the maximum temperatures allowed for DC motors were 160 C for the armature, 180 C for the stator, and 105 C for the collector.[3] The one-hour rating is typically about ten percent higher than the continuous rating, and limited by the temperature rise in the motor. Electrostatic Motor The motor shown below is an example of semiconductor manufacturing technology used to fabricate very small mechanical components. Maglev Traction Motors The principle of the linear induction motor is used to propel high speed Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) trains which float on a magnetic field created by electromagnets in the trackbed under the train . Micro-motors (Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems - MEMS). v t e Electric motors AC - Alternating current DC - Direct current PM - Permanent magnet SC - Self-commutated Fundamental types AC motor DC motor DC motors Homopolar Electrically-excited field or PM field brushed DC Unipolar AC SC mechanical commutator Repulsion Universal AC SC electronic commutator Brushless DC (BLDC) Switched reluctance (SRM) AC asynchronous (induction (IM)) Shaded-pole (single-phase) Dahlander pole changing motor Squirrel-cage rotor (SCIM) Wound-rotor (WRIM) Linear induction AC synchronous (SM) Hysteresis Interior/ Surface PM (IPMSM/ SPMSM) Reluctance (SyRM) Wound-rotor (WRSM) Special magnetic machines Doubly-fed Linear Servomotor Stepper Traction Non-magnetic Electrostatic Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Enclosure Type Hermetic TEFC Components and accessories Armature Braking chopper Brush Commutator DC injection braking Field coil Rotor Slip ring Stator Winding Motor controllers AC/AC converter Amplidyne Adjustable-speed drive (ASD) Cycloconverter Direct torque control (DTC) Metadyne Motor controller Motor soft starter Motor starter (engine) Power inverter Thyristor drive Variable-frequency drive (VFD) Vector control Voltage controller Ward Leonard control History, education, recreational use Timeline of the electric motor Ball bearing motor Barlow's wheel Lynch motor Mendocino motor Mouse mill motor Experimental, futuristic Coilgun Railgun Superconducting machine Related topics Blocked-rotor test Circle diagram Closed-loop control Electromagnetism Open-circuit test Open-loop controller Power-to-weight ratio Torque and speed of a DC motor Two-phase system People Arago Baily Barlow Botto Cook Davenport Davidson Dolivo-Dobrovolsky Faraday Ferraris Froment Gramme Henry Jacobi Jedlik Lenz Maxwell rsted Park Pixii Saxton Siemens Sprague Steinmetz Stimpson Sturgeon Tesla See also Alternator Electric generator Inchworm motor SI electromagnetism units C - Capacitance (F) Q - Charge (C) G, B, Y - Conductance, susceptance, admittance (S) , , - Conductivity (S/m) I - Current (A) D - Electric displacement field (C/m2) E - Electric field (V/m) E - Electric flux (Vm) e - Electric susceptibility U, V, ; E - Emf (V) L, M - Inductance (H) H - Magnetic field (A/m) strength - Magnetic flux (Wb) B - Magnetic flux density (T) - Magnetic susceptibility - Permeability (H/m) - Permittivity (F/m) P - Power (W) R, X, Z - Resistance, reactance, impedance () - Resistivity (m) . The same electromagnetic forces apply and these have been employed in similar classes of AC and DC machines.


A tangential force on the disk is created by the current passing through the magnetic fields in the air gaps between the pole pairs of the permanent magnets. If the train starts to climb an incline, the speed reduces because drag is greater than torque and the reduction in speed causes the back-EMF to fall and thus the effective voltage to rise - until the current through the motor produces enough torque to match the new drag. Such a test starts with the motors at 25 C (and the outside air used for ventilation also at 25 C). External links[edit]. Where higher speed was desired, the motors could be operated in parallel, making a higher voltage available at each and so allowing higher speeds. The use of series resistance was wasteful because a lot of energy was lost as heat. By transformer action, the trackbed coils induce currents in coils on board the train which are used to energise powerful electromagnets.


gagsajsjhsjhshagjkAHJKSH abkbSJasjkjkaSAsbjsbjbsa SABSJKBbsbABJBkajbs.etc[:=Read Full Message Here=:] . A traction motor geared for freight use with a low gear ratio will safely produce higher torque at the wheels for a longer period at the same current level because the lower gears give the motor more mechanical advantage. The energy generated may be returned to the supply (regenerative braking), or dissipated by on board resistors (dynamic braking). High power versions are used for "in wheel" automotive applications. Guidance For guidance the train uses magnetic fields provided by a separate set of weaker magnets along each side of the train. Except for traction motors the travel of the motor armature is usually quite short. f901c92b44

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